Officer film Gets U/A Certificate Impressing all Censor Members!

SYNOPSIS : Ram Gopal Varma’s debut film Shiva which is released in 1989, needs no introduction even now. The film created a revolution in the Tollywood history. It has always been said that Tollywood before Shiva and after Shiva. Bringing back the intensity of Shiva, RGV-Nagarjuna duo is now coming up with Officer. The movie has finished all the formalities and has been released grandly on June 1st. Officer has finished it’s censor work and is certified U/A by the officials. It is said that the board members are quite impressed by the outcome of Officer.



As promised earlier by Ram Gopal Varma, it is said that Officer has come very well as an action entertainer with great sound technology. RGV experimented with sound this time, making Officer a new experience to the audience. The makers are already releasing the glimpses of Officer sound experience. It is also believed that the action episodes are breathtaking, justifying the tagline “cops were never this scary”. So, witness King Nagarjuna in a whole new role as a cop TFI hasn’t seen before.

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